Jeep / Chrysler, New storage proposals. Photo Gallery  (100 imágenes)

The project was developed as part of the projects that were managed by Rigoletti House of Design, along with the innovation area of the Chrysler Corporation in Michigan. The project was developed in a total of 32 weeks, approximately 120 hours, from March to June 2014 and was released to be presented in networks in January 2018. The work was developed by an excellent multidisciplinary group of students and recent graduates, belonging to to different universities in Mexico. The project was very successful and was widely recognized by the personnel of the innovation area of the Chrysler Corporation.  


PROJECT MANAGEMENT and design direction: Jorge M. Rodríguez C.;  CHRYSLER MENTOR TEAM: Michael Hilliard and Robert Moser; LIAISON ACTIVITIES: Jesus Herrera Ricaño; PROJECT ASISTANTS AND ART ADVISORS: Arturo Millán Martínez and Alejandro Castañeda Sánchez; CAD ADVISOR: Oscar E. Chavira López; COMUNICATIONS AND HOSTING:  Alberto Rigoletti Ewald; TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Ricardo León Rosario; DEVELOPMENT TEAM:  FRONT BUMPER TOOL BOX: Juan Arturo Méndez Camacho, Alejandro Miranda Rosaslanda and Jesús Herrera Ricaño; INTEGRATED ROOF RACK: Kin Everardo Moreno Franco, Carlos David García Hernández, Alonso Romero Cruz; HEADLINER SAFETY BOX: José Raúl Salas Sarabia, Rodrigo Acevedo Aguirre and Manuel García González; SPARE TIRE REMOVABLE STORAGE: Ricardo Rodríguez García; José Claudio Martínez Fernández and Luis Gil Rojas; INITIAL CONCEPTION: Oscar Montes de Oca Córdova and José Diego Contreras Luna.

Jorge Rodz

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