Professional objective:

Because I am a highly passionate person in my profession, my goal is to always achieve the best results. My motto is: "Make things happen“. Therefore, my personal mission is to always be the right arm of all my colleagues and collaborators, both internal and external, facilitating things to be carried out to achieve great results. This is why I look for ways to be empathetic with both the work teams and the project requirements by applying multiple leadership strategies, managing resources, and being innovative and paradigmatic to find breakthrough solutions to complex problems.

My main profile is Senior Creative Designer, Researcher, and Design Engineer specialized in advanced design and Innovation. I have managed and developed a great variety of products and services, as well as systems, and new developments for the automotive and mobility industries at the national and multinational level. Furthermore, I have the ability to understand market requirements and opportunity areas to transform them into feasible, useful, usable, and beautiful products through the application of principles of innovation, as well as the implementation of processes and strategies of advanced design like User-centered design (UCD), User experience (UX), and design engineering, including design for manufacturing (DFM) and design for assembly (DFA) to make the product ready for product engineering. I have specialized in supplier development and I have the ability to understand both the world of design and the world of engineering to achieve communication between both teams to make the workflow more effective and optimal.

I have been an entrepreneur for the last 15 years and have been fortunate to develop relevant projects for important multinational companies such as Ford Motor Co. General Motors, Audi, Nissan, Chrysler, Mazda, Seat, Crown Lift trucks, AirDesign, Google, Crown Lift trucks, Aragones Architects, Prinsel, Operbus, Pininfarina Extra, TAGSA, and many others.


The development of those projects was successful because I am an absolute believer in multidisciplinary and teamwork practices. During my professional career, I have always been concerned with assembling valuable teams of collaborators, that not only would only achieve the desired results but also exceed expectations with their coordinated and complementary efforts. Great passion for their work, responsibility, honesty and integrity, vision and proactivity, and ability to collaborate within teams, are just some of the characteristics that I identified and helped develop and grow in my collaborators. Therefore, I fully understand the great commitment that a company like yours makes to trust new developers or recruits.


For that reason, my experience of almost 25 years in the field of design, both in industry practice and as an academic, and 10 years as a design researcher, has made me develop a great understanding and respect for my profession and for the services that I have always offered. The same characteristics that I myself look for in my collaborators, colleagues, and clients are those that have forged my professional and personal code.



I Got my Industrial Design Bachelors degree at CIDI UNAM (Industrial design Research Center at National Autonomous University of Mexico)) From 1990 to 1994, I specialized in Automotive Design at CCS (College for Creative Studies) in Michigan from 2001-2002. I have built my career by developing my professional practice through three pillars: 1) Professional practice, where I have gained experience on the battlefield; 2) Research, where I theorize and question practices, develop theoretical models for the best execution of the practice; and 3) University teaching, where I keep learning and explore my design models and theories.


The Practice: I worked in the General Motors Co. Design Studios over the Design studios at GM of, Mexico,  Design Center at Michigan U.S., between 1996 and 2004; From 2005 to 2009, I started my own design office, having 24 employees (HUNPEL STUDIOS SA de CV), we provided design services for the motor transport, heavy duty machinery, equipment for laboratory and specialized furniture for industries. Hunpel went bankrupt in 2009 due to the great crisis, which led me to implement a new work strategy where I had to apply a total reinvention of my way of working. This is how "RODZ + Design & Innovation Consulting" was born. Because of all the contacts and relationships accumulated during the experience, the services had been executed by teaming up with colleagues of excellence and brilliant alumni since the beginning. The projects have been developed in a strategic way through teamwork coordinated by me, that is why RODZ + operates until today as a single multidisciplinary brain, approaching each project in a singular way, depending on the requirements and needs of the different types of clients, a characteristic that has allowed us to provide diverse services in advanced design, UX - Ui services, and approaching techniques for innovation through consultancy and/or coaching, for companies such as Ford Motor Co, Mazda, Crown Lift trucks, GM (MAVEN), Prinsel SA de CV, Mabe, The University of Cincinnati (DAAP), University of Wester Illinois, Pininfarina, AUDI, Chrysler, Airdesign, Hankook tires, Irizar Autotransportes, Operbus, Kenword, Miguel Angel Aragones Architects firm,  General Transportation Fund, Inc. California, and many others, nationally and internationally.


The Research: Along with professional work, the last 11 years I have worked intensely trying to order and understanding the complexity of the intricate topics of design and innovation,  approaching these topics by the scope from philosophic thought and complementing this knowledge by means of understanding of the human being, its cognitive psychology, it’s culture and history. This way of approaching design has allowed RODZ+ to create theoretical models and strategies to understand the “fuzzy frontend” of any project because I have been creating an algorithm to understand the DNA of these topics to be able of finding out the right heuristics to face every project in particular. Furthermore, through this research, I have been able to create very interesting processes and practices, which have given me effective tools for the development of design, from their initial understanding of their final development.


The Teaching: From an early age I always liked teaching, so since 1998 and uninterruptedly until today, I have served as a design teacher mainly, at bachelor and master levels in universities such as The Anáhuac Norte University, the Technological Institute of Higher Studies of Monterey (North Campus, Sta. Fe Campus, and Toluca Campus), the Ibero-American University, Rigoletti House of Design, the Autonomous State of México University at the School of Design,  University of Cincinnati (DAAP), as well as at the School of Architecture from the University of Western Illinois, as a Master Advisor. In addition, I have had the honor of having been invited on multiple occasions as a speaker and exhibitor on design and innovation on national and international stages.

During my 25-year professional career, I have received multiple awards and recognitions. Publications about my work have been edited in several books and magazines, and additionally, I have published various “indexed papers”. Additionally, I have given approximately 132 lectures, workshops, and masterclasses in Mexico, Guatemala and the United States.


I have built a solid and valuable career, which I now put at your service. And as proof of this, as a part of my profile in this platform, I have attached a list of references, of colleagues with whom I have had the opportunity to collaborate during my past years, and who are part of relevant companies. All of them have honorably granted their endorsement and they have the best will to be contacted by you, in case you consider it necessary.

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