service modalities


We apply different methods, strategies, principles, and techniques to understand the areas of opportunity around the problems or needs that arise in existing products or services or new creations.

Innovation Management for new product DEVELOPMENT

We specialize in observing the behavior of the different types of people that exist, taking into account their age or complexion, or their gender, or if they have different abilities, or different culture, when they perform their routines and natural rituals within physical contexts, and specific moments, to understand what bothers them, what frustrates them or what motivates them, to be able to design adequate and effective products and services for each one of them.

User centerED design and user experience

We understand that every interaction is an experience, so we specialize in analyzing how people think, perceive, feel, and understand, in addition to knowing their advantages and physical and ergonomic limitations to be able to develop useful, usable products with the appropriate aesthetics, which allow providing a service that produces pleasant and outstanding experiences.

user interaction and user interfacing

We help you transform your ideas to become real, passing from the conceptual stage to the product stage, using “design for manufacturing and design for assembly” to make your concept functional, manufacturable, and assemblable.

design engineering

If you want to start developing an idea and do not know how to start, we can help you understand the best strategy to achieve it through understanding the purpose of your idea, your manufacturing capabilities, and the budget you have available.

strategic design


Jorge Rodz

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