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Research and Development Projects in connection with Rigoletti Design House


Development of a new Driving Interface for the decade 2020.





AUDI 2+2

Development of a compact hybrid vehicle for the decade 2020.


A to B Global Mobility System. Multimodal Collective Transportation System for Mexico Cit








Video of the project

Full Documentary.


"The real" mastery "is acquired with many years of practice, with success stories, but also assimilating and learning from mistakes and failures. The rise to success is done by a ladder of failures"

40/5000 Rear Tire Arm for SEAT Freetrack

Project: Rear wheel arm Freetrack Customer: Air Design / Volkswagen Mexico Location: Cuernavaca and Puebla Date: 2011-2012. Volume of production: 200-300 monthly.

Size of the company: Medium / Large

Marketing VW Mexico required the design of this arm, since the original product did not bring it and SEAT Spain did not consider it feasible. Air Design was asked to design and this in turn to Hunpel the design and manufacture of the metalworking arm (they would make the carcasses). The product passed all stages of validation, but the run was short, because the vehicle stopped being imported by the economic crisis of 2012.

Applied knowledge: Design Thinking to find the area of opportunity in the fixation of the support to the structure; User interaction & Human Factors for product manpulation; Design Enginnering and the development of 46 prototypes to leave the product ready for production.

Injected Plastic Children's Chair

Project: Children's ChairClient: Novatec, S.A de C.V.Lugar: Mexico, D.F.Año: 2010 Production Volume: 5,000 / YearSize: Medium

It was requested the design of a children's chair for injection of plastic, of the level of an Italian chair also infantile. The stages of product design and development were: analysis of similar products, ideation and three design themes, fusion of two concepts and their morphological refinement, design engineering and CAD in Solid Work for mold manufacturing.

Knowledge applied: Deep analysis of user interaction; Design engineering; Advanced industrial design; Brand character & user centered design.

Dental Sterilizer

Project: Redesign of Dental Sterilizer Customer: Epixa, S.A. De C.V.Lugar: Puebla Year: 2010Size of the company: Small

This company faced a Brazilian competition in this product. The challenge was to redesign it based on its manufacturing processes (limited and manual), that its manufacture did not involve a great investment, and still throw a design of better appearance and optimal functionality.

Knowledge applied: Design thinking process to define the best way to solve customer requirements; Argumental design & semiothics; User interfacing & user interaction; User centered design, design engineering, advance industrial design & product engineering.

Specialized furniture for architecture

Project: The Charming Sky Residence and house in Vista Lagos.Client: Taller AragonésLugar: Fracc. La Vista Country Club, Puebla. Date: 2008-2009Volume: Not applicable, pieces about media.Company size: Small.

The Aragonese architect required metallic doors that were according to his sober, minimalist and sophisticated style, but which would garnise his function. These doors were manufactured in TAG and were installed during the work.

Applied knowledge: Argumental design & semiothics; User interaction; Design engineering, advance industrial design & product engineering.


Projects: Buses OB1, OB1Evo, OB2 and product line integration.Customer: OperbusLocation: TolucaAyears: 2005 - 2006Volume: 800 / YearType of the company: Medium.

They were developed:

OB1: Front end and driver's compartment total new design.

OB1-Evo: New body frame, Front end refinement, Passenger compartment new design and lay out and new rear end design.
OB2: This bus was built under the new OB1 -EVO body frame.  The front and rear ends were completly designed again, as weel as the drivers compartment.

Every vehicle was developed to fit both Mercedes Benz and International chassis.


Applied knowledges: Strategic Design: Integration of the two lines, standardizing of the 90% of Components between two chassi brands; user centered design, user interaction; advanced industrial design; automotive design; design engineering; user centered design. 

Chevrolet Chevy C2

Project: Chevy redesign, 4200 platformCompany: General Motors MexicoLocation: Detroit, Toluca and Sao PauloDate: 2001-2003Volume: 60,000-70,000 / YearSize: Large

Within a team, Jorge Rodz participated in the exterior design, and was leader of interior design, which included all the front panel, as well as door panels, cluster, steering wheel, speed lever, center console and textiles. This project received the "Chairman's honors award", which is a recognition that is delivered to the five best projects of the whole corporation every three years. Jorge Rodz received this recognition along with the main members of the team.

Applied Knowledge: Advance industrial and automotive design; deep user interaction; brand character; harmony; design engineering; human factors and ergonomics and design thinking.

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  • 22 years designing.

  • 19 years teaching design.

  • 9 years researching. 

  • 15 prizes, mentions and recognitions.

  • 77 conferences and workshops at national design events. And International.

  • 9 design papers.

  • Interviewed more than 20 times on various TV and radio shows.

  • Work published in design books.

  • Jury in prizes of industrial design at national level.

Global Portfolio Compendium

Part 1

Art work, fraktal studio, special projects and experience in Genral Motors Co.

Part 2

Automotive, auto transport, buses and mobility

Part 3

Automotive accessories, product, furniture, displayy point of sale

Part 4

Graphic design and teaching experience

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